Focus on the right things

Business is not difficult. Business is simple. The trick is to FOCUS on the right things and close your eyes towards all the disruptive elements not adding value to the business.

 There is a lot of ”waste” and smart words connected to business. There is a lot of so-called business models – standard models – not worth the paper it is written on. Many corporations – multinational firms, etc. – does run the operations ”by the book”. With all respect, it’s a disease.

 Get out on the fast lane and go against all standards. Create your own models and differentiate yourself to the rest. Find your own dynamic approach and collect a team around you with the same believes.

 Let me outline what I see as the main headlines needed to succeed on any ”playground”:

 ·        Put innovative thinking on top of everything (connect it with emotional intelligence) – allocate a lot of time here

·        Stay on track around emerging technologies

·        Stay on track around ”people changes/substitutions” (seek for the reasons)

·        Empower wherever you can empower (trust is the key word)

·        Inspire whoever is next to you (and they will love you/go with you)

·        Put mental power and passion into everything

·        Communicate fresh and without fear (do not fear ANYTHING)

·        Be honest (always)

An effective leader (and/or colleague) allows everybody into his/her own comfort zone. From here everything is possible. It’s simple so why not do it? It’s just about social skills. Embrace people as much as you can (and they will embrace you) Via this you kill rivalry: It will NEVER pop up.

 Companies are good at having focus on the product life cycle. I would wish they would be as good on ‘the people life cycle’. This would add much more energy and happiness and that is what we all need.

 Finally: Do always put resources and competencies FIRST. Create an environment under the headline ‘Freedom to Act’. All the rest will follow. Believe me.

 By: Jens Sørensen, The Wide View

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